could someone kindly help meh?
im wanting to start playing closers but im not sure where to go to download it and register and such could someone link me to all the sites id need to go to or the site.
Closers KR;
Closers JP;
Closers ID;
there also China server. but i dunno the link. lol.

just pick whatever country you're in. (Or pick whatever country did you like. KR and JP are IP blocked and need VPN to play btw. I guess it's the same for ID.)
I think there is a thread around here about how to play and download Closers KR. Why don't you check it?
For closers JP, you just need to click the game start button to download the installer then click it again whenever you want to play the game.
For Closers ID, just register at the register section and download at the download section at their homepage.
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