helloo :D
Hey friends, probably should've made an account a while ago
I stopped playing Closers for a couple months, but the new updates brought me back, so here I am. My main is a Seulbi, hoping to get her to a good place before Nata gets released cuz i mean im gonna be maining him aw yee .
Feel free to call me whatever my IGN is, but Sakata/Saka works as well.

Hope to get along with all of you and see you in-game (´ヮ`)
Ohai der Saka, welcome to the forums and back to the game.
Forums is a little quiet now but feel free to chip in here and there.

The more the merrier. Big Grin
Glade to see more people interested in the game now that its getting updates xP
welcome, don't forget to check the rules, and some other good stuff (up in the top bar)

Enjoy the stay
I hope you enjoy the forums
[Image: snZnVQv.png]
Clutching to memories
Thank you! I hope to become more active on the forums now that school's letting up;;v;;

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