little introduction
hello... nice to meet you. im FloLico. you can call me Flo anyways....
reason of joining: at first i only viewing the wiki (for new player but your forum sound liike fun!
my in-game info; right now im a JP server player.... after i download the client. my main would be Seha/Haruto. and my other alts would be Yuri and Tein. or maybe both of the wolfdog members... so please give me guides about building their skills, equipment, etc, etc...
other useless info; you can also find me on random games (especially Els)... and on my DeviantArt (FloDoodling).
guess thats all of it. looking forward to spend times with everyone. Big Grin
"speaking of closers... who wants to talk about Seha~?" //slapped
Closers JP IGNs;
<ID : Licoirce>
Licrois - Striker (main) |Clie - Ranger|Amacha - Lancer|Liecce - Caster
DeviantArt ; FloDoodling
Welcome to the HQ, I guess.
[Image: snZnVQv.png]
Clutching to memories
Really interesting stuff.
Welcome to the HQ Tongue

Make sure to check guides & rules,most translations for KR are the same for JP (item icon->name/utility/description & quests)
Show up on the chatbox one day :3

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