o/ Am new yes.
Hello, I just started playing Closers and I'm kind of unfamiliar with lots of things.

Though, I just want to enjoy myself and play the game.

I've been on a forum like this for another game before though new beginnings, new people. So I would like to say Hi and feel free to "guide" or "direct" me into the right direction to have an enjoyable experience.

- IGN: Kuebiko

Hello, welcome to CloserSHQ!!!

I shall guide and direct you... to people who are 100% certain of what they are talking about.
[Image: Baron.gif]
Why thank you. o/...

I'll be on in a few.
Welcome...thats all I got to say.
Welcome o/
Enjoy the ride ^^
Thank you guys~
Welcome Vlu, I hope you will enjoy the forums and find a lot of useful stuff here to help you through your gaming. I also received your message and am unable to reply as your private messages were turned off. As for your game closing due to the hack shield may I ask are you running a anti-virus cause it may possibly be co flicking somewhat with the hackshield (this is just a guess and the first case I've heard of it for closers online yet)
Egh.... how to turn on PMs? ; ;...

Also thank you. Erm.. I'll try to look into it.. thank you! ><
welcome to forum and enjoy the community
Welcome to the fforums.

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