>w< Hi new Agent reporting in Yuri Seo here :D!
Hi, my name is Elizabeth (nickname Meow 22 year old) from Thailand I just start playing today (6/3/2015)
* my English is not so good (GG Grammar)

Hi everyone in ClosersHQ, I'm just newbie in game, and I can't read korean language. not even one word. xD
but I have Korean friend he always help translate everything in game just send him a screenshot. (he also help me register this game)
he's working not really free to help me anytime, so I just want to know if where I can stay and talk or ask something :o
* I'm retire Vindictus/Battlefield 3 player (no problem about quest but enchant item and junk in inventory so...)

I playing alone but it very fun game! :D i wait this game for long time
*Running out of stamina ouch.

anyway nice to meet you lovely people >w<  :P

sorry for my derp English but I wanna be a friend's with everyone. really. QAQ

P.S. Love Yuri Seo so muchhhffff >3<

IGN : NosferaFluff
Yuri Seo : NosferaFluff
Seulbi Lee : AppleMeow
Yuri Seo ohai xD
Welcome to ClosersHQ and enjoy your stay, read the rules, visit the guide section for tips and some help, if you need any help for something you can ask on chatango or game help section.
Welcome to the forum. Make sure to check the guides and rules out. If you found threads that helpful, make sure to leave a like. Big Grin

Enjoy the stay
Dayum gurl battlefield 3.
Anyway in all seriousness welcome to El..I mean ClosersHQ, enjoy your stay Big Grin
">w< Hi new Agent reporting in Yuri Seo here Big Grin!"
You're inside Seo Yur--/shot

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ Salute! Welcome to ClosersHQ~

Be sure to check:
If you need any help at all, feel free to ask us on chatango or on Game Help. Big Grin

also y evri one say but no link iz acsualli rlly hrd to fnd r00ls

edit: @Ben Huh, just noticed that =v=;
No longer active
links is at the bottom and top of the page if u didnt notice

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