Patch Note 6th July 2017
07-05-2017, 01:33 PM
Category: Patch Notes
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

  1. Tina
    • Add to Union Store
      • Hyper Clock Equalizer (Lv.70~80)
      • Tina's Transparent Dimensional Costumes [Visual]
      • Transparent Dimensional Effect [Visual]
      • Transparent Dimensional Eyes [Visual]
      • Transparent Dimensional Combination Parts [Visual]
    • Remove from UNION Store
      • Mini Serra Egg & Adult Package
      • Mini Trainer Eg & Adult Package
      • Mini Serra + Mini Trainer Adult Package
  2. Gacha
    • Remove
      • Tina's Military
      • Summer Vacation is Back 
  3. Event
    • Add
      • Train Harder, Agents
        - Weekend Login Reward
        - Training Certiicate dan Hard Training Certificate Crafting Item List
        (you must choose the Hard Training Certificate crafting item, because not all items can be craft in the event period. details will be added to event thread when the actual period start.

    • Remove
      • Lebaran Event : Rayakan Hari Kemenangan
        - Lebaran Gift Box will not gain anymore
        - Lebaran Token will not drop anymore
        - Lebaran Token Crafting List will be delete at  27th Juli 2017

      • Camilla The Lightning Witch
        - Red Orb Fragment will not drop anymore from Munition Factory
        - Crafting List will be delete at 3rd August 2017

Train Harder Event
07-05-2017, 01:31 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

period 6th July - 27th July 2017

weekend login bonus, every saturday and sunday login for 75 minutes will receive various items

10 stamina cost dungeon will drop Training Certificate that can be trade for various items as below :

[Image: 1499151565_event-page_train-harder.jpg]

Patch Note 15th June 2017
06-15-2017, 10:36 PM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: news-patch-update-list-15-juni-2017.jpg]

  • Add
    • Level Cap : 77
    • Available Map :
      - Munition Factory
      - Infinite Elevator
      - Plane Gate Raid Boss Dungeon By Tess dan Mephisto

  1. Equipments
    • Add
      • Tina's Munition Factory Boss Weapon 
  2. Gacha
    • Add
      • Summer Vacation Costume set Is Back
        - Gacha Costume will not get other player's costume set
        - chance to get items from gacha is increase because other player's costume is removed

  3. Event
    • Add
    • Remove
      • Ramadhan Event : Bulan Penuh Berkah Season 2
        - Ramadhan Weekday Box dan Ramadhan Weekend Box will not be sent again
        - Ramadhan Token will not drop again
        - Ramadhan Token Crafting List will be remove at 06th July 2017

      • Tina Airport Event: Free The Hostage
        - Counter Terrorist Decoration will not drop again at International Airport dungeon
        - Crafting List will be remove at 06th July 2017

original link :

Lebaran 2017
06-15-2017, 10:36 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

15th June - 6th July 2017

The 10 stamina dungeon will drop Lebaran Token than can be trade with various items, also the login event still continue, just play for 75 minutes to get all the gifts that can be claim from mail. the weekday and weekend gifts has different content.

details crafting items and content gifts as below :

[Image: 1497500059_event-page_lebaran--2017.jpg]

Camilla The Lighting Witch
06-15-2017, 10:32 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

15th June - 6th july 2017

Tina character will drop Red Orb Fragment at Munition Factory area that can be trade with various items as below :

[Image: 1497409066_event-page_munition_tina.jpg]

Patch Note 8th June 2017
06-07-2017, 02:51 PM
Category: Patch Notes
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

there'll be maintenance going at 8th june 2017 from 6 AM (gmt+7) estimated for about 6 hours long.

the content of the new update, is as follow :

  1. Tina
    • Add
      • Level Cap : 70
      • Available Map :
        - Lambs Keeper Bridge
        - Tiamat Dimension Room
        - Plane Gate Stage 9-10

  2. Equipments
    • Add
      • Tina's Jester Equipment
      • Tina's Lambs Keeper Bridge Boss Weapon 
  3. Event
  4. Others 
    • Reward distribution 1st Anniversary Coin collection event for rank 4th-10th
    • the UNION 2nd Giveaway gift New / Returnee User for day 6 change into Gothic Mini Material Converter x1
original link

Tina's Veronica Rescue Mission
06-07-2017, 02:49 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

period 8th june - 22nd june 2017

for Tina's players at Lamb Keeper bridge area, every dungeon in there will drop special item "Rusty Phase Power Handcuff" that can be trade for various items in the list below :

[Image: 1496763048_misi-penyelamatan-veronica.jpg]

addition to drop item, there'll be special title given when special quest is finished several times.

*"sehari" mean "per day", so if 3x sehari, mean 3 times per day till end of period

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