Tina's Veronica Rescue Mission
06-07-2017, 02:49 PM
Category: Events
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period 8th june - 22nd june 2017

for Tina's players at Lamb Keeper bridge area, every dungeon in there will drop special item "Rusty Phase Power Handcuff" that can be trade for various items in the list below :

[Image: 1496763048_misi-penyelamatan-veronica.jpg]

addition to drop item, there'll be special title given when special quest is finished several times.

*"sehari" mean "per day", so if 3x sehari, mean 3 times per day till end of period

Patch Note 31st May 2017
05-30-2017, 01:23 PM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: news-patch-update-list-31-mei-2017.jpg]

there'll be a maintenance at 31st may 2017 6:00 AM (GMT+7) estimated for 6 hours long. the new content will be:

  1. Tina
    • Add
      • Level Cap : 62
      • Available Map : International Airport Base Area & Dimensional Singularity.
  2. Equipments
    • Add
      • Tina's Meister Equipment
      • Tina's Airport Boss Weapon Costume
  3. Gacha
    • Add
      • Tina's Military Costume (Type A, B, C)
  4. UNION Store
    • Add
      • Mini Serra Egg Package
      • Mini Serra Adult Package
      • Mini Trainer Egg Package
      • Mini Trainer Adult Package
      • Dual Lead Package (Mini Serra & Mini Trainer)
      • Mini Camilla Egg Container

    • Remove
      • Mini Camilla Egg Package
      • Mini Camilla Adult Package 
  5. Event
  6. Fix   
    • Dark Disc - can`t be sold at Black Market
    • Disaster Recovery Center Support Box - can`t be opened by Tina
    • Promotion Package [Limited 3 Days] Box - can`t be opened by Tina

original link:

Season 2 Bulan penuh Berkah(Blessing Month)
05-30-2017, 01:21 PM
Category: Events
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from 31st may 2017 till 15 June 2017 after the maintenance, this event will on with the following content :

1. Login for 60 minutes per day to get various items. the items from monday-friday differ from saturday-sunday.

2. every 10 stamina dungeon will drop special item Ramadhan Token that can be traded with various items as in below list :

[Image: 1496130927_event-page_ramadhan-2017.jpg]

Tina's Airport Event : Free The Hostage
05-30-2017, 01:13 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

after maintenance 31st may 2017 till 15th june 2017,  Tina character can get special drop item "Counter Terrorist Decoration" from airport area that can be trade with various items. also, tina can get special title when finishing the Private Sector Exterior area in Very Hard difficulty several times. the detail is below :

[Image: 1496132563_event-page_tina_airport.jpg]

*1x Sehari/id means its limited to one time per day per ID only.

New User and Returnee Event
05-24-2017, 04:30 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

[Image: news-patch-update-list-20-april-2017.jpg]

New User and Returnee user(who haven't login till 2 march 2017) will get exclusive reward and special item "2017 closers token"(that can be obtain from 10 stamina cost dungeon) that can be trade with various items. Not only that, the daily reward from 1st to 6th day is also obtainable.
The Event period from 20th April till 20th July 2017.

for the item list reference, you may see below link :

for the items contain in the gifts, you may want to look at this link :
from below pic

25th May Event
05-24-2017, 03:42 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

There'll be new events when the MT done at 25th may 2017

Tina Upgrade System Complete :

Collect 5 Blue tokens(from special operation Dungeon) + 5 Red tokens(From Replica Dungeon) + 8 Clear Cube Coins(from Cube Dungeon at G Rooftop area) to get TIna official crew costume set permanent from 25th May till 27 July 2017

Tina's Birthday Event:

Login at 28 May 2017 and you'll get special mail contain Tina's Birthday gift. The server timezone is GMT+7

Patch Note 25th May 2017
05-24-2017, 03:28 PM
Category: Patch Notes
Posted by: Mastergame - No Replies

[Image: news-patch-update-list-25-mei-2017.jpg]

There'll be a maintenance perform at 25th May 2017 from 6 AM gmt+7, estimate done in 6 hours
original link:

The new Patch Contain following update :

  1. Tina
    • Add
      • Official Crew Tina
      • Level Cap : 58
      • Available Map : Disaster Recovery Center & Plane Gate Stage 1-8
  2. Equipments
    • Add
      • Tina's Plane Gate Equipment
  3. Event
    • Add
      • Tina Official Crew Event
      • Tina's Birthday Event
  4. Fix   
    • 3 vs 3 PVP - DC(Disconnected) when opponent found
    • Lucky Suitability Stabilizer - can`t be used at dungeon
    • 1st Anniversary Buff - Dungeon Entry +1 not active
    • Tina Crafting Event :
      • Supply Box - Once per Tina character / day
      • Reinforce Box - Once per Tina character / day
      • Tuning Box - Once per ID
      • Gothic Mini Material - Once per ID
  5. Note
    • Tina BOD & Official Crew costume still can`t be sold at Black Market
    • Tina related costume that haven`t release can`t be open and sold at Black Market (ex. Bunny, Gothic). The costume will be fixed when it released. 
    • Magical Extreme set effect (4/4) still not active
    • Physical & Hybrid Extreme set effect (4/4) - All FM(Finishing Move)+1 effect still not active
    • Gothic costume voice change still not active 

original link:

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