Patch Note 16 June 2016
06-15-2016, 03:21 AM
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[Image: news-patch-update-list-16-juni-2016-uhvbnmkasih.jpg]

Source :

1. New Character : Misteltein

[Image: 1465871406_req_conten_mistel.jpg]

2. System Update

  • Misteltein Level Cap 58
  • Misteltein Rank Cap Junior Agent
  • Misteltein Base Area Cap Plane Gate
  • Ended Event
    • Counter-Terrorist Merit Medal
    • Pre-Creation Mistletein
3. Misteltein Costum
  • Breath of Dragon
  • Spring Sonata
  • Wedding Gacha
4. New Costume
  • Shin Gang High School Summer Outfit
5. Mistletein Level Up Event

MI-Cash Pop Up Guide
06-14-2016, 11:16 AM
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someone asking... here we go

i choose the most possible way for international player to pop up MI-Cash

1. Open

2. Login via login button on top right of the screen there or login button in the middle
[Image: psmP7.png]
and then fill the Megaxus ID and password
[Image: psmYn.png]

3. You will be showed a new screen like this
[Image: psn5Z.png]
 the far most on left with "Rp 0" is your "DOMPET GUE". a megaxus in-game wallet to keep your payment intact to your account.

the highlighted "Megaxus Voucher" and anything below it is the method of payment. i'll only cover "Megaxus Voucher" cause apparently it's the only method international player could use.

4. fill the "Voucher Code" and "Password" with the code you have. there's sample there
[Image: psnlt.jpg]
5. choose where you want to transfer your in-game money.
[Image: psnz1.png]

if you transfer your in-game money to "Dompet Gue", it will transfered to your "Megaxus Account". While transfering the in-game money to the specific game, will automatically add your in-game money to your "Game Account".

choose "Game" and it will become like this :
[Image: psnKa.jpg]
you know what to choose XD

6. click "lanjutkan" right after the Megaxus' Disclaimer
[Image: psnQt.png]

Disclaimer :
PT. Megaxus Infotech won't do re-fund to you for the amount of MI-Cash that remaining or that has been spend on your ID

please take note, that management code is as important as the other code, if you were failed on pop up.

Current Currency is :
1 US dollar = RP. 13.000 = 10.000 MI-Cash

i'll list some Voucher Provider, you can contact them for payment deal.

  • Arcubin (currently out of stock)
  • azuracorellius
please contact them via discord or specified contact method.

also, you can ask about anything you don't understand here. so anybody can read it.

NB. me here doesn't take any responsibility for your loss on online trading. take on your own risk.

Patch Note 9 June 2016
06-08-2016, 05:51 AM
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[Image: GCjTzOW.gif]
[Image: news-patch-update-list-9-juni-2016-uhvbnmkas.jpg]

Patch Note 9 June 2016

1. New Dungeons: Plane Gate 7 - 8 & Dimensional Pressure Singularity

[Image: 1465288117_screenshot_1.png]
[Image: 1465288192_screenshot_2.png]

2. New Training Program: International Airport

[Image: 1465288510_screenshot_3.png]

3. New Pets: Pet Jane(Song Eunee), Special Unit Troop, and Penguin

[Image: 1465365771_cashshop-800x484px.jpg]

4. Misteltein Pre Event

Obtain 'Black Lambs Support Box' when loging in. Contains as follows:
-Super Fuel x3, Malek Crystal, Snow Bunny Ears(1*, 3days), Misteltein's Secret Box(can be Warehouse Shared)
Secret Box can only be opened by Misteltein. Box contains as follows
-White Cupid Tube Wings(1*, 15days), Elite Training Course 15 Days

(EDIT: They removed the Black Lambs Agent Sleeveless Costume from the Secret Box. MEGAXUS STOP LYING ALREADY)

5. Costume Replacement
A bug of players obtaining Misteltein, Nata, and Levia's costume in gachas have been fixed. All the costumes will be removed and will be replaced with the following items:

[Image: 1465367203_untitled.png]

Patch Note 2 June 2016
06-02-2016, 02:00 AM
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[Image: news-patch-update-list-2-juni-2016-uhvbnmkas.jpg]

Patch Note 2 June 2016

1. New Base Area

Airport (Lv. 58 - 62)
[Image: 1464690783_airport.jpg]

2. System Update
    - Level Cap : Maks lv. 62
    - Translation Update
    - PNA system Fixed

3. Union Store Update
    - Spring Sonata Costume for all character

4. Ramadhan Event
   - Weekly Buff
      - 1st week  : 2x EXP
      - 2nd week : 2x drop rate
      - 3rd week  : -50% enhance cost & black market tax
      - 4th week  : 2x EXP & drop rate

    - Poe the Thief
      Collect edgar's cooling system and exchange it with item
      - 1 cooling system : food(?)
      - 15 cooling system : poe's enhancement box
[Image: .eJwNwksOgyAQANC7sOczIzJTL2MoEKQRIUJXTe_...height=300]

     - Union's Gift
       - Weekly Attendance
[Image: .eJwNxkEOgyAQAMC_cAd2WSwbP2MoEKQRIYKnpn-...height=239]

5. Airport Hijack & Level Up event
    - Collect Counter-Terrorist Merit Medal and exchange it with item (2 june ~ 16 june)
[Image: pdGGi.jpg]
    - Clear Private Sector Exterior V.Hard 5x and get pink colored title (Airport Garrison)
    - Get Level up Box per 10 level (2 june ~ 30 june) [New Character Only]
    - Get 5 days level up box and get the item
      - a material Closers Battle Circuit is included
        - collect Closers Battle Circuit and exchange it with Box
[Image: pdGDz.jpg]

6. Starter Package Renewal

The Maintenance is ended in 10:30 12:00 (GMT +8)

Closers ID OBT leaked!
05-03-2016, 03:14 AM
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as per Closers Megaxus' announcement on their main web, that their OBT will start on 19 may 2016

Here's the news post

[Image: closers-online-grand-launching---19-mei-2016.jpg]

Closers ID is ready for Client Download!
04-15-2016, 12:55 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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Without any proper announcement, Megaxus has open the download page for Closers ID.

you can go to their Download Page or checking this thread instead

[Image: 1460437219_bannerinside01c.jpg]


  1. PT. Megaxus Infotech is an Indonesian online game publisher, having right to make provision and requirement that should be met for using the service.
  2. Audition AyoDance is the name of Audition Online in Indonesia. The official website is[/url]
  3. Counter-Strike Online is a product from NEXON & Valve that licensed by PT Megaxus Infotech at Indonesia. The official website is
  4. AyoOke is a product from ChoiRock that licensed by PT Megaxus Infotech at Indonesia. The official website is
  5. Heroes Of Atarsia is a product from JCR Soft that licensed by PT Megaxus Infotech at Indonesia. The official is
  6. World In AyoDance is a product from T3 & HanbitSoft that licensed by PT Megaxus Infotech at Indonesia. The official website is
  7. Royal Master is a product from YD Online that licensed by PT Megaxus Infotech at Indonesia. The official website is
  8. Closers Online is a product from NADDIC that licensed by PT Megaxus Infotech at Indonesia. The official website is
  9. PT Megaxus Infotech hold licensed online game service listed above for Indonesian Region

  1. You are asked to do an ID registration first before you could use Megaxus' services, with giving complete and recent private data. PT. Megaxus Infotech is not responsible if there is problem due to mistake when filling the registration data.
  2. PT. Megaxus Infotech ensure the secrecy to all of registration data that already be filled by user. PT. Megaxus Infotech will never give the stated information to anyone, except to Megaxus' partner on term of giving the service to users.
  3. PT. Megaxus is not responsible to losing the ID nor password due to hacking, keyloger, fraud nor user's mistake. You are responsible to your own ID and password secrecy.
  4. you were also asked to do preventive action on defending and keep the stability of operation system, data security for your computer and ID. PT. Megaxus Infotech is not  responsible to any damage or loss that happen due to virus, spyware or any hacking method from other to retrieve your data.
  1. You are responsible to any action, speech, messages and word that you do, even in the game or the forum.
  2. you are not allowed to do something to get any profit with using any Megaxus' service.
  3. Element that included in the online game published by Megaxus is property of Megaxus. There's no dangerous element (virus, malware, spyware, and other) included in the client.
  4. PT. Megaxus Infotech is not responsible to any loss caused by your mistake, related to ID or anything inside the ID.
  5. You are not allowed to make, distribute, or trade any product that copyrighted by Megaxus without any official permission from Megaxus itself.
  6. You are supposed to follow any service rule that has been made by Megaxus. The company is allowed to give any sanction or even block the player ID that breaking the company's service rule.
  7. You are agree to not using any facility, server or network that used for Megaxus' service to get any unpermitted access to system or any other network. If you happen to break this rule, PT. Megaxus has right to sue you (for civilian sue or criminal sue) for stated action.
  8. You are agree to only using the service client that given by Megaxus through media distribution.
  9. PT. Megaxus Infotech could change anything at web service, rule, and the current EULA to maximize given service quality, without any announcement. PT. Megaxus infotech advocate you to routinely check the game's official website, to get new information update.
  10. PT. Megaxus Infotech has the right to change any service contents that contain negative messages to community (harassing, abusing, and racism), provocative messages (terrorism, cracking, hacking, piracy, and other) or any other messages that inappropriate.
  11. You are agree to free PT. Megaxus Infotech, all the staff and Megaxus' partner company from any sue and loss caused by action, behavior, and messages that wrote by you inside the game, forum and web service.
  12. If needed, PT. Megaxus Infotech had the right to take a law action regarding to this EULA abusing, or any action that considered harming the company as the copyright holder for the service.
  13. If problem happening in service given to user, PT. Megaxus has the right to restrict or even stop the service anytime without any need of announcement. PT. Megaxus Infotech can give explanation about the problem based on company's policy later.
With your agreement on using our service, then you're considered agree to follow any EULA's point and rule that on the PT. Megaxus Infotech service. Sanction will be given like stated before if you happen to break them.
[Image: 1460436484_bannerinside01b.jpg]

Quote:[][Image: 1460450128_screenshot_7.png]

[Image: 1460450333_button2.jpg]
File Size : 3.2 GB
MD5 : 958C36B9123ECC984DB7E1618194DE81

[Image: 1460450333_button2.jpg]
File Size : 3.2 GB
MD5 : 958C36B9123ECC984DB7E1618194DE81

Installation Guide
[*]1. Before Start downloading Closers' Full Client, please make sure there's no application that can block the download process. you can try to Disable the Anti Virus and Firewall to minimize problem.
[*]2. To check if the file corrupted or broken, it's advised to do re-check it using MD5 that canbe downloaded HERE.
[*]3. After finish re-checking, run Closers_20160426_CBT_Full_Client.exe.
[*]4. After the extracting finish, click 'install' to start installing Closers Online.
[*]5. After the installation finish, please run the Closers Online shortcut on the desktop. If you can't find it, then shortcut is also could be accessed via Start program (Windows Sign) - All programs - Megaxus - Closers Online - run CLOSERS.EXE.

[Image: 1460436120_bannerinside01d.jpg]

you also could download it partially, but please go to the main Download Page. (i'm very lazy to do it here ;wWink

Partial Client Installation Guide
1. Before Start downloading Closers' Full Client, please make sure there's no application that can block the download process. you can try to Disable the Anti Virus and Firewall to minimize problem.
[*]2. To check if the file corrupted or broken, it's advised to do re-check it using MD5 that can be downloaded HERE.
3. After re-check, please double-click or open the Partial Client Closers Part 1 and run Closers_20160426_CBT_Partial_Client.part01.exe to start installation
4. Install it to the folder you like.
5. After the installation finish, please run the closers Online shortcut on the desktop. If you can't find it, then shortcut is also could be accessed via Start program (Windows Sign) - All programs - Megaxus - Closers Online - run CLOSERS.EXE.

[Image: 1460445650_bannerinside02.jpg]


1. Download MD5 HERE
[*]2. Open md5.exe
[*]3. Choose"Create an MD5 checksum"
[*]4. Click Browse button and choose the installation File that you had download
[*]5. After the pop-up notification "Would you like to run Notepad and paste/save the MD5 Hash", choose OK.
[*]6. After the notepad is opened, paste or CTRL+V and compare the MD5 code at the notepad and the MD5 code on the website. If it's the same, it's a sign that the file you download is correct/not corrupted. But if the code is not same, there's a sign that the file is broken/ corrupt on download process.


also if you can't understand something stated above, just ask Smile

Closers ID - Focus Test
04-06-2016, 03:01 AM
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[Image: closers-focus-test.jpg]
So, yep! you can have a chance to try Indonesian server of Closers even before the CBT period--- The period is 15th to 17th April 2016 and 22nd to 24th April 2016.

side note: this might be unimportant---- and contain bad english---

you can register yourself here;

> Players that using Static type of IP have a better chance to be accepted than the Dynamic ones.
> The admins will accept max 200 players to join the test.
> The players that could join the focus test will be announced both in the official website, and the official facebook fanpage.
> The registration for the focus test will open on 4th April to 10th April 2016

main article;

Closers JP Information
Major Updates
» Global Version Update 2016.06

Latest Patch Notes
» Global Version Update 2016.06
» Patch Notes (6/20)

Latest Trailer
» Closers JP Animation

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