Closers JP confirmed
06-25-2015, 03:30 AM
Category: News & Updates
Posted by: Nova - Replies (61)

And it's being handled by SEGA.

Site is up, as well. It's going to happen on July 2.

Considering the Japanese are more accepting of games like this, this may be a good thing for the game. I just hope it doesn't turn into a trainwreck and end up getting cancelled just like with Rusty Hearts, even if that one was the result of the game just plain failing even in Korea.

Also I'm hoping this means better fanart in pixiv. Getting tired of seeing badly-made lewds of Yuri and Seulbi.

New form of free official events on forum
05-06-2015, 09:00 AM
Posted by: Plutia - Replies (16)

So as you know, I've hosting a few give aways on the forum(if you don't know then u missing out some free cash). The 3rd and 4th ones had been a success due to many active members on the forum, but when the 5th one comes around i ban 3 winners from the 4th one and the give-away instantly die. SO this leave us with a conclusion, this forum are on the edge of dying so does the game well kinda, naddic(K) is doing all they can to helping bringing it back(dig around the forum then you will see). Anyway, there is this idea that just sudden drop in my head like a boss.

New form of Event i will host on this forum.

  • 1st: Build guides (best 3 won 3 separate prizes usually worth 10K NX or a free Nexon KR account)
  • 2nd: Social media prize (beat me in reputation and referals you will get a 10K NX card or an account)
             (the 2nd one can be change to like Videos abt the game and to serve the purpose of advertise this game to other people)
  • 3rd: PvP events (oh boy i'm seeing flame thrower lurking in the dark), and if you wonder what type of pvp? ofc 1v1 (it will come eventually this summer Naddic(K) had promised that)

If you have more ideas or suggestion of how should i changed the formation of the events, PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW since my head is filled with work things i can't rig my brain for many ideas when i'm gaming or sleeping.

p/s: prizes will increase depends on the amount of people coming to our community (coktease with some GTX980s cards and razer keyboards)

Ben will be gone for awhile guys
04-28-2015, 04:06 AM
Posted by: Plutia - Replies (16)

[Image: 6xAvuqN.png]

As you know, I'm NASA in this forum, and I've been working on uploading manual patches and secure the manual patches for the people on the forum.

Here some bad news:
  1. I can't do it anymore, not that I don't want to, it's because I can't.
  2. I will be working full time in Japan due to some favor i owned a certain person and now i am simply paying back. So don't expect me to be around much.

Will I still be working as a mod for the forum?
Yes(if casey allow me to), I will still help out answering question, stay active, and solve problem that people report for mods (as if any one beside Khleys ever report anything)

Will I still be playing Closers?
On my lunch break sure.

When will I return to upload those yummy patches?
3 months? 6 months? 12 months? I don't have that figure out yet.
I'm there and lonely :<

Will i keep doing give away?
Of course, except summer due to vacation. Thou people seem to not like it so i guess i will figure something out.

I've been fun helping people out with patches and stuff, but I got work to do and I have a real bad habit, workalcoholic.

Closers HQ Wiki Launch + New Server Crowdfunding
02-09-2015, 07:58 PM
Posted by: Casey - Replies (6)

[Image: 6xAvuqN.png]

Hello Everyone,

I am now officially launching the CloserS HQ Wiki (Click here or "Wiki" in the header to enter the Wiki). Our focus for the wiki is to build an English Wiki for the Free to Play MMORPG named CloserS Online. We're focused on providing a high quality resource site for all the information about. I am very proud of the Wiki Administrators (EternalDreamKhleys, VTKajin, and Yuri), the Wiki Editors (sayi50 and Yaoi), Ken for a lot of advice for Mediawiki,  and everyone who contributed to the construction of CloserS HQ Wiki. With the launch of the wiki, we have an important task to complete.

We're going to need to crowdfund the new server for Closers HQ and the Closers HQ Wiki. The new server will allow us to have a faster server for Closers HQ and the wiki. The total amount of money we need to raise for the new Closers HQ Server is $500 USD. The information to donate to the new server will be provided here. [Support Closers HQ] Anyone who donates a one time payment of $11 or more will receive Supporter Status, it will provide the ability to change your username and user titles on the forums. I myself can pitch in a portion for the new server, but I won't be able to cover the full costs. Achieving our goal of $500 USD, will make us all set with server expenses for the year.

Even if you can't contribute to the new server, you can help support Closers HQ by disabling AdBlock on the forums/wiki (If you use AdBlock) and being active in the chat, forums, and becoming an active Wiki Editor. We are still looking for Wiki Administrators or Editors that are very effiienct in the understanding of how MediaWiki works in general, and the coding for the templates/software. 

Thanks to everyone who helped Closers HQ get this far, we couldn't gotten this far without the entire Community.

Important Notes for the Wiki:
  • Closers HQ and the Wiki use the same login credentials. 
    (Account Creation on the Wiki is disabled, new accounts have to be made here on the forums.)
  • Closers HQ Wiki has a Skype Group, if you need to discuss anything about the Wiki.
  • Please read the Wiki Rules before you start editing.

Current Donation Tracker:

$89 / $500  ($500 is needed)

Closers HQ Wiki Alpha - Recruitement
01-25-2015, 08:46 PM
Posted by: EternalDream - Replies (8)

[Image: logow.png]

The wiki is well underway, but due to low amount of people working on it, progress is very slow.

If you have any information or pages you'd like to see added, feel free to give us a sign! Registration is disabled on the wiki, however you can use the same login information on both the wiki and the forums. You can use the Talk pages on the wiki to discuss things and is an easy way of getting someone on the wiki to take notice. Send any admins a PM if you want to get into contact more~!

What good is all this information when it doesn't look visually appealing though? That's what this thread is for: If you have any skills in making wiki templates, coding and design (specifically for the mediawiki platform), leave a message and we'll try to contact you!

People who want to apply should leave a message in this format:
-Forum Name
-Skype (can be through PM if needed, just say that then)
-What can you help with?
-Any other particular notes of interest

You Found Me!
01-11-2015, 12:57 PM
Posted by: Casey - Replies (15)

After watching the video, use the following letter as a reward: K

Closers HQ Site Revamp and Social Media
01-09-2015, 01:56 AM
Posted by: Casey - No Replies

[Image: n4yD215.png]

Hello Agents,

Today, Closers HQ will be having a UI Revamp on the whole website and forums. I bet everyone is enjoying J at this time. I would like to thank the Closers HQ Community for reporting bugs and making suggestions leading to the UI revamp. If there's still bugs or suggestions, you can still post them here.

Note: Make sure to clear your cache, if there's any glitches or if an image gets stuck.

UI Revamp Changes
  • Dropdown Menu containing User Panel
  • Background Selection with 3 backgrounds.
  • Collapse-able sidebar which allows you to hide and unhide the sidebar.
  • Sidebar is dynamic depending on the page.
  • Closers HQ Chat will provide a link to the page with a much larger chat.
  • Old forum theme will be available in your (User CP -> Edit Options -> Board Style) called (Closers HQ Legacy).
New Features:
  • Mobile Theme is available for Android, iOS, and other mobile browsers. (Note: Requires a manual select the theme in (User CP -> Edit Options -> Board Style)
  • Forums are compatible with Tapatalk App (Note: There's a bug where Tapatalk will disable Images and Videos. Enable them in (User CP -> Edit Options)

Also, here's a reminder of our new Twitter and YouTube, and other Closers HQ Events.

Be sure to follow for feed updates!

Subscribe to the Channel for new Closers Online Content!

Closers HQ is recruiting Moderators, Translators, and Wiki Staff.

Closers HQ Launch Event with free accounts and NX.

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