Patch Note 07/04
04-06-2016, 10:44 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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■ Periodic maintenance
April 7, 2016 (Thursday) 10:30 to 16:00 JST

■ L. Gear-related (Union Store / Liberty conversion)
Resell costume "Ocean Splash"
Resell costume "Summer vacation"

■ new items related (Liberty conversion)
Premium strengthening fuel
※ + will succeed in strengthening 100% up to 10.
In the +11 or more is high success rate than the highest-grade strengthening fuel.

Royal Knight Claymore
Samurai Sword
Honor of scars
Scars of the beast
Oriental shoulder armor
Continental shoulder armor

■ pet-related (Union store)
Below to exit the sale of 12 kinds of package items, and later will be sold only "storage BOX" and "egg storage BOX" of each pet.
"Chibi Mahiro complete / simple package."
"Chibi tokukeitai complete / simple package."
"Mini Penguin Complete / simple package."
"Mini Edgar complete / simple package."
"Mini Alan complete / simple package."
"Mini Casey complete / simple package."

■ Limited event campaign
The start of the "April weekend events"

■ achievement / title-related
Plane gate-related achievements four types, add the title two
Add Union watch-related achievements five, the title one

■ Specification Changes
In the "April Event", change the case of a party admission in the state that meets the emergence conditions of the "devil Liberty converter", as well as specifications and when admission solo
※ As a result when the "devil Liberty converter" appears is, it will always be only one body.

"April Event ~Demon Explosion~" Held!
04-02-2016, 03:39 PM
Category: Events
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[Image: 620x232_aprilevent_3.jpg]
Event Content

  • Request From "ウサギ=シライ"! Stop the rampaging liberty converter!?

Event period: 31 March 2016 ~ 21 April 2016
There will be a new quest From "ウサギ=シライ" in "私立翔鳳学園" area.

[Image: usagi.png]

Where the monster appear
  • All dungeons in "私立翔凰学園" and "Gタワー屋上" on difficulty VHARD only except "ターレット" in "Gタワー屋上"
  • All Plane Gate dungeon except:
    ※ For "Normal Liberty Converter": "アラウネの庭園", "新緑の闘技場", "歪んだ祭壇", "悪夢の祭壇", "古代獣の檻", and "深淵の王座"
    ※ For "Demon Liberty Converter": "古代獣の檻", "深淵の王座"

L. gear accessories event rewards

[Image: eyeware1.png]
[Image: eyeware2.png]

Limited Event Achievement
  • Title

     Those who defeated the demon king
     - Total physical attack + 1%
    - Total phase attack +1%
    - Increase items drop rate +15%
  • Pet
     Long Cat
    [Image: longcat.png]
    - +5 physical/phase attack
    - Reduce skill cooldown by 1%

    - +10 physical/phase attack
    - Reduce skill cooldown by 2%

    - +25 physical/phase attack
    - Reduce skill cooldown by 3%
  •     Egg and horn from liberty converter!? Produce item by using it!

Event Period: 31 March 2016 ~ 21 April 2016

List of event items that can be produced

 L. gear weapon
"8-bit dimension" series
※ Once per character
 [Image: con_horn.png] 10 魔王リバティコンバーターの角
[Image: con_egg.png] 50 リバティコンバーターの卵

 [Image: con1.png]
※ Once a day per account
 [Image: con_egg.png] 15 リバティコンバーターの卵

 [Image: con2.png]
※ Once a day per account
 [Image: con_horn.png] 5 魔王リバティコンバーターの角
[Image: con_egg.png] 15 リバティコンバーターの卵

 [Image: unionbox2.png]
幸運のドローBOX II
※ Once a day per account
 [Image: con_egg.png] 20 リバティコンバーターの卵

 [Image: triumphofaura.png]
※ Once a day per account
 [Image: con_horn.png] 4 魔王リバティコンバーターの角
[Image: con_egg.png] 10 リバティコンバーターの卵

 [Image: maid_chibicon.png]
※ Once a day per account
 [Image: con_horn.png] 8 魔王リバティコンバーターの角
[Image: con_egg.png] 15 リバティコンバーターの卵

 [Image: cleaner.png]
※ Once a day per account
 [Image: con_horn.png] 15 魔王リバティコンバーターの角
[Image: con_egg.png] 25 リバティコンバーターの卵

Various present BOX content

 "迅速デュアル回復カプセル", "大成功のオーラ", "汚染クリーナー", etc

 "ユニオンアクセサリーBOX", "レジェンダリーモジュールBOX", "レジェンダリーコアBOX", etc

 幸運のドローBOX II
 "フェーズブースターBOX", a random BOX like "大成功祈願BOX"

 "フェーズブースター+7", "フェーズブースター+8", etc

 "大成功のオーラ", "強化のオーラ", etc

 "雪ウサギヘアバンド", "翔凰学園のバッグ", L. gear accessories like "マリアの昆虫翼"

 "極:反魂のジェネレーター", legendary module like "パーフェクトリリカルレギュレータ"

 "真・降霊の杖", legendary weapon core like "真・怨霊の牙"

 "メイド&バトラー型ちびリバコン", "エイプリルフール魔王超ちびリバコン", etc
  •     Get the 8-bit mask! Collect the block to produce it!

Event Period: 31 March 2016 ~ 21 April 2016

List of event items that can be produced
 L. gear mask
"8-bit dimension" series
※ Once per character
 [Image: mblock.png] 50 クローザーマイクロブロック

 [Image: orobitaS.png]
※ Once a day per character
 [Image: mblock.png] 5 クローザーマイクロブロック

 [Image: itemboxM.png]
※ Once a day per character
 [Image: mblock.png] 10 クローザーマイクロブロック

 [Image: silverbox.png]
※ 10 times per character
 [Image: mblock.png] 20 クローザーマイクロブロック

 [Image: itembox5.png]
※ Once a day per character
 [Image: mblock.png] 25 クローザーマイクロブロック

 [Image: itemboxFB.png]
※ 3 times per account
 [Image: mblock.png] 100 クローザーマイクロブロック

L. gear "8-bit dimension" series preview
 [Image: levia_8.png]
 [Image: slash_8.png]  
 [Image: haruto_8.png]
 [Image: mikoto_8.png]
 [Image: yuri_8.png]
 [Image: J_8.png]
 [Image: mis_8.png]

Various present BOX content

 "迅速HP/MP回復ポーション", 1 ~ 11 "復活カプセル", etc

 5~50 マレクのクリスタル像

 "フェーズブースター+11", "トライブルズ+9~11", "大成功のオーラ", etc

 1★~2★ "Maid&Butler" costume series (all characters)
Consumable item info

 [Image: orobita.png]
 Duration: 10 seconds
Skill cooldown reduced by 15%
Movement speed increased by 30%
Attack speed increased by 20%
Heal 7% HP per second
Heal 7% MP per second
Increase 4% PP per second

  •     Get the delicious cookies from login on weekend only!

Event Period: 0:00 JST 1 April 2016 ~ 23:59 JST 3 April 2016
If you login within the event period you can get 30 "アルファワンの位相力の源クッキー" for free!

Present item info
 [Image: hcookie.png]
 Duration: 10 seconds
Total physical attack +10%
Total phase attack +10%
Damage during released phase power increased by 20%
Back attack damage +10%
Aerial attack damage +10%
Chase attack damage +10%
Increase 10% PP per second

※ The item will be presented from mail to all character that login within the event period.
 ※ "アルファワンの位相力の源クッキー" will be removed from the mail reception after 7 days from when you get the mail.

Please note:
 ※ L. gear from this event cannot be traded, sold, decomposed, tuned, upgraded but you can move it to account shared storage.
 ※ Each L. gear from this event can only be produced once per character.
 ※ "エイプリルフール超ちびリバコン", "エイプリルフール魔王超ちびリバコン", "幸運のドローBOX II", "大成功のオーラ", "メイド&バトラー型ちびリバコン", "汚染クリーナー", "オロビタZ", "ウソのようなポーションBOX", "ウソのような強化BOX" produce limit will be resetted at 04:00 JST everyday.
 ※ After the event, the event items can’t be produced.
 ※ Following consumable and produced event items that will be removed on 10:30 JST 14 July 2016.
 "エイプリルフール超ちびリバコン", "エイプリルフール魔王超ちびリバコン", "メイド&バトラー型ちびリバコン", "幸運のドローBOX II", "ウソのようなポーションBOX", "ウソのようなゴールドBOX", "ウソのような強化BOX", "大成功のオーラ", "汚染クリーナー", "オロビタZ".
 ※ Other consumable item, material for producing event items, items from quest will be removed after event (item that comes from random BOX will not be deleted).
 ※ Because some unforseen reason, the content and schedule of the event can be changed anytime.

Patch Note 31/03
03-30-2016, 09:45 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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- March 31, 2016 (Thursday) 10:30 to 16:00 JST

L. Gear:
- エイプリル にゃんこ&メイド - April Nyanko & Maid

Limited Event Campaign:
- エイプリルフールイベント - April Fool's Day Event
- 限定アクセサリーをGET![レヴィア]実装記念イベント - Levia Limited Accessory Commemorative Event

- ロングキャット - Long Cat (is obtainable through April Fool's Achievement Reward)

24/03/16 Patch Note
03-23-2016, 01:04 PM
Category: Patch Notes
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New Costume:
ナース&クランケ (Nurse & Diseased Person)

[Image: 5683_10201630245914614_32096969613889921...e=578D51A6]

Limited Event Campaign:
> スキルチケットパッケージ (Skill Ticket Package)
> new 学園出席簿 login stamp page
> Twitterキャンペーン
>>>> about the content on the 1000 retweets, there have been trouble on implementing +1 PG runs, and the reward will be changed to 15 days premium token. (EDM+1 & no item usage on PG are executed as what the event stated before)

Compensation Target:
For those who logged in between 1st March ~ 24th March (before maintenance)

Item Distribution Date:
24th March (after maintenance)

※ With regard to the remuneration items other than the above, the item distribution date will be 2016 April 7 (Thursday) during periodic maintenance.

Present for Follow & RT! Twitter Campaign!
03-18-2016, 12:37 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Setsurei - Replies (1)

[Image: 620x232_twitter.jpg]
※ 1000 RT and 10000 followers achieved!
※ There is a change on event implementation content.

Campaign Period: 20:00 18 March 2016 ~ 15:00 22 March 2016
Campaign Content:
During the campaign, you can follow CLOSERS official twitter account(@sega_cls) and RT the campaign tweet.
Depending on the total RT within the campaign period, you can get present by reaching certain RT on campaign tweet.
When total follower exceeded 10000, all people who do the follow & RT the campaign tweet will get a chance by lottery to get one handwrited autograph paper from “悠木碧さん(Mikoto Amamiya CV)” or “東山奈央さん(Yuri Asuma CV)” or “杉田智和さん(J CV)”.(1 person autograph for 1 winner)

How to Participate the Campaign:

  1. Follow CLOSERS official twitter account(@sega_cls).
  2. RT the campaign tweet.
Campaign Tweet

Item and Event In-Game Implementation/Distribution List
Achieved 1000 RT and all will be implemented!
※ "1000 RT" rewards will be changed because some unexpected problem.

50 RT
→ achieved!
[Item distribution]
20x 迅速デュアル回復カプセル

100 RT
→ achieved!
[Item distribution]
10x 高級位相繊維

300 RT
→ achieved!
[Item distribution]
5x 最高級強化燃料

500 RT
→ achieved!
2x drop rate for L.gear/PNA/Equipment part/Enchant material/Fabrication material

800 RT
→ achieved!
Half price for enchance & black market fee

1000 RT
→ achieved!
Limit EDM +1
Limit PG +1
PG now no need for key to enter[Item distribution]
1x 特別作戦サポート15 days契約権

※ If the RT reach exceed some number, you can receive the under too. Ex: The total of RT is 800, then you will receive 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 implementation/distribution.

Item Distribution and Event Planned Date
■ Event implementation period: 24 March 2016 ~ 7 April 2016
■ Items distribution date and target of distribution
  • "1 ~ 3" item distribution
    7 April 2016, when maintenance
    →distributed from mail to highest level character that login within 1 March 2016 ~ 24 March 2016
  • "6" item distribution
    24 March 2016, when maintenance
    →distributed from mail to character that login within 1 March 2016 ~ 24 March 2016
Winner announcement
Will be decided by lottery, the winner will be contacted by direct message on early April 2016.
※ The winner will be contacted by direct message.
※ SEGA is the one who decide the winner autograph.

please note:
※ If your twitter account setted private or unfollowing @sega_cls before the winner decided, you will excluded from the lottery.
※ If you already following before the campaign, you still can participate the lottery.
※ If the winner not replying the message, they will assume that you declined the prize.
※ Shipping destination only for Japan.
※ If there are violations to the term and conditions, we may stop the distribution.
※ Because some unforeseen reason, the content and schedule of the event can be changed anytime.

17/03/16 Patch Note
03-16-2016, 11:54 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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Patch Note 17/03

for Levia
- Area 災害復旧本部 (Construction Site) and プレーンゲート (Plane Gate) are accessible, including the quests
- Secondary Promotional Quest available (Official Crew)
- Level Cap 58
- UNION ARENA participation rights (you can now participate using Levia after maintenance)

Limited Event Campaign
- Start of 「レヴィア 正式隊員服一式 特別進呈キャンペーン」 (Levia official crew clothing set campaign)
- Start of 「オーバークロックイコライザー ボーナスキャンペーン」(overclocking equilizer bonus campaign)

System Specification Changes:
Character Skill Balancing
- Awakening / Phase Release
> when activated, 30% MP recovery + grant a buff of each character dedicated to its own ※ buff effect increases depending on their skill level

increase Physical Attack

increase Magic defense penetration rate
increase Magic critical damage

increase Physical / Magic defense force penetration rate
increase Physical / Magic critical damage

increase Physical defense penetration rate
increase Physical critical damage

increase Magic Attack

increase back attack critical rate
increase back attack critical damage

increase Magic critical rate
increase Magic critical damage

Apply the limit of the maximum value in each status:
> Physical critical damage amount: 200%
> Magic critical damage amount: 200%
> Skills Cool Time: 40%
> Physical Damage reflectance: 15%
> Phase damage reflectance: 15%
> aerial attack critical damage amount: 15%
> Rear attack critical damage amount: 15%
> Chase attack critical damage amount: 15%
> down attack critical damage amount: 15%
> Movement speed: 20%
> Attack speed: 15%

Apply holdings status at the time of admission has been converted
ATK: 10%
> phase force release damage increase: 30%
> aerial attack damage increase: 25%
> Back attack damage increase: 25%
> Chase attack damage increase: 25%
> Down attack damage increase: 25%
> Physical / Magic defense rate increase: 20%

you can see the rest of UNION ARENA the balancing at

Levia - Official Crew Release
03-16-2016, 02:22 AM
Category: Official Media
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