Training Program Event
01-24-2015, 10:57 AM
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Rough Translations! Sorry.

[Image: NovsfwZ.jpg]

Official Agent Seulbi Lee Teaser
01-23-2015, 05:53 AM
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Source: Official Site

Union Shop Costume Updates! [01/22/15]
01-22-2015, 06:51 AM
Category: News & Updates
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Limited Edition 1* and 2* Costume sets!
During the Sale Period 01/22/15 ~ 02/26/15

[Image: 10916730_806501736069850_6866784142330348947_o.png]

[Image: 301izxv.png]

[Image: fokj0y.png]

[Image: 313on69.png]

[Image: 28k7khu.png]

Only Concept
[Image: 30w2ulx.jpg]

Banner and Mistletiens concept from: Closers English Facebook

Emergency Maintenance 22/1/2015
01-22-2015, 04:38 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Emergency Maintenance, Completed]

4:30PM~5:00PM KST
※Subject to change


  • 착용 레벨이 캐릭터 레벨보다 높고 사용성 기능이 부여된 아이템을
  • 착용하여 스킬 발동 시 게임이 종료되는 문제 수정
(Need translation)


Unlimited Promo Events
01-21-2015, 10:55 PM
Category: Events
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[Image: n4yD215.png]

Earn an promotional costume for your characters without any expiration.


Trainee/Intern Promo (Create a Character within the following time)
Seha, Seulbi, Yuri (12/31/2014 - 2/26/2015)  EXPIRED
J (1/7/2015 - 2/7/2015)
Misteltein (13/2/2015 - 12/3/2015)

Official Agent Promo (Complete OA Quest within the following time)
Seha (12/31/2014 - 2/5/2015) EXPIRED
Yuri (1/14/2015 - 2/26/2015) EXPIRED
Seulbi (1/29/2015 - 2/29/2015) EXPIRED

Note: All the times listed are in KST dates.

Detailed Patch Note 22/1/2015
01-21-2015, 11:34 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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Update Schedule
22 Jan 2015 (Thurs) 8am ~ 10.30am (2hours 30mins)

Detailed Updates
1. Guro Station, Singang High Sxhool, G Tower Rooftop new dungeons added.

  • Training Program: Guro (Clear last map Annihilation [섬멸] level, achieved lv28)
  • Training Program: Singang (Clear 2nd last map Conquer [정복] level, achieved lv37)
  • Training Program: G Tower (Clear last map Conquer [정복] level, achieved lv 45)
  • Each dungeon consumes 10 stamina, daily entry limit is 10.
  • Each regional training program dungeon share the entry amount.
  • 3 Training Program entry quest guide added.
  • Can get rewards even if not cleared within time limit. Advanced materials, equipment, & costumes can be obtained once cleared. 
  • Use up & down cursors to switch between difficulty.
2. While dead in a party state, a penalty is given if you do not revive within a period of time.
  • If you do not revive within 1min, you will not receive EXP/credits/items.
  • Once the penalty is invoked, even if you resurrect the penalty effects remain (you do not receive EXP/credits/items).
  • It is to limit foul play actions in the dungeon.
3. New costumes added.
  • 'New Wave set' package available in Union Store
  • Limited edition 2 sets package (Black/White)
  • 1 set package (White) 
  • Set consists of top, bottom, gloves, shoes, weapons of 1star, 2tar. Sold until 26 Feb 2015.
  • Buying the limited edition 2 sets package will give an additional 10,000 UM.
4. Dragon's Breath limited costume package sales ended.
  • You can still obtain this set through the Inter-dimensional Material Conversion (From Bunny girl)
5.  Emergency maintenance rewards payment quest will be added.
  • Period: 22/1/2015 ~ 29/1/2015
  • Compensation: Elite Training Course 1 Day Ticket, Resurrection pills x10, Quick Phy recovery pill x10, Quick Mana recovery pill x10, Moon talisman, Cold talisman, Saving talisman.
  • Quest can be received from Gangnam GGV area NPC.
6. New Closers agent recruitment event is changed to a permanent event.
  • New Closers agent recruitment event components are changed to dual recovery pills, non-permanent costumes, next level up reward box.
  • NOTE: Previously obtained compensations will expire after 29/1/2015.
7. Excellent Closers agent selection quest will be deleted.
  • ‘우수 요원으로 임명합니다’ quest (Excellent Staff Appointment) event ends, and quest deleted.
  • NOTE: Previously obtained compensations will expire after 29/1/2015.
8. Character skills & abilities changed.
  • While casting Rail Cannon, Seulbi receives 80% dmg reduction effect.
  • Some skill icons changed.
  • Some Yuri skill stats increased.
    • After dash (ZZ) sliding, windmill is linked to be faster.
    • Yuri maintains in Super Armor mode until Finishing Move Yuri Star completes.
    • Using cursor keys during Quick Blitz moves Yuri in that direction. Also receives 80% dmg reduction when casting.
    • Suppressed Firing Advanced skill cube increases firing movement speed by 30%, Expert skill cube increases movement speed by 50%.
    • Yuri receives 80% dmg reduction when casting Finishing Move Yuri One Flash. 
9. Dungeons and monsters changes.
  • Skill damage of Boss[Yuri OA] of Upgrade Dungeon [Cube] is modified. 
  • You can avoid being hit by the front sonic skill of Mandrake Monster by going to the back of it.  
10. Item changes.
  • Some crafted elite equipment, crafted elite boss equipment, legendary equipment, & elite set equipment's options are changed.
  • Rare equipment obtained from quests become untradeable on the black market.
  • Some items modified to be allowed for black market trading & account warehouse moving: Bak Simhyeon/Song Eunee/Kim Yujeong/Teuk Geongdae Radio Call 30Lv ,Stationary Turret 30Lv.
  • While crafting Singang High School & G Tower Rooftop elite set shield, synchronization factors for production quantity increases 2 times & 4 times respectively.
  • New costume accessories added.
[Image: izj6LlVVEtQSw.png]


Click to view patch note brief (issued on 21/1/2015)

Closers Online Coming to NA Leak
01-20-2015, 01:30 AM
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[Image: Z0hFsYb.png]

[Image: 37RSvo4.png]

[Image: BKYgOa3.png]

Source: gintoki147

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