Official Agent Yuri Teaser
01-12-2015, 05:54 AM
Category: Official Media
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Source: Closer.Nexon

Mass Datamine Findings
01-11-2015, 10:27 PM
Category: News & Updates
Posted by: Yuri - Replies (22)

Found Some of These Things on a Site.

Yuri OA Model

[Image: E8J8FaL.jpg]

Seulbi OA Model
[Image: ixkXG58.jpg]

J's OA Model
[Image: LHG2gmz.jpg]

Seulbi Maid Outfit
[Image: 4hWL47z.jpg]

Misteltein Models:
[Image: eZC1f1a.jpg]
[Image: aPVWwFe.jpg]
[Image: 6gz0M4z.jpg]
[Image: zUMeOIp.jpg]
[Image: OLn6eEu.jpg]
[Image: 8M3kOXe.jpg]
[Image: ayh6JOf.jpg]
[Image: bAxZBJc.jpg]

You Found Me!
01-11-2015, 12:57 PM
Posted by: Casey - Replies (15)

After watching the video, use the following letter as a reward: K

Closers HQ Site Revamp and Social Media
01-09-2015, 01:56 AM
Posted by: Casey - No Replies

[Image: n4yD215.png]

Hello Agents,

Today, Closers HQ will be having a UI Revamp on the whole website and forums. I bet everyone is enjoying J at this time. I would like to thank the Closers HQ Community for reporting bugs and making suggestions leading to the UI revamp. If there's still bugs or suggestions, you can still post them here.

Note: Make sure to clear your cache, if there's any glitches or if an image gets stuck.

UI Revamp Changes
  • Dropdown Menu containing User Panel
  • Background Selection with 3 backgrounds.
  • Collapse-able sidebar which allows you to hide and unhide the sidebar.
  • Sidebar is dynamic depending on the page.
  • Closers HQ Chat will provide a link to the page with a much larger chat.
  • Old forum theme will be available in your (User CP -> Edit Options -> Board Style) called (Closers HQ Legacy).
New Features:
  • Mobile Theme is available for Android, iOS, and other mobile browsers. (Note: Requires a manual select the theme in (User CP -> Edit Options -> Board Style)
  • Forums are compatible with Tapatalk App (Note: There's a bug where Tapatalk will disable Images and Videos. Enable them in (User CP -> Edit Options)

Also, here's a reminder of our new Twitter and YouTube, and other Closers HQ Events.

Be sure to follow for feed updates!

Subscribe to the Channel for new Closers Online Content!

Closers HQ is recruiting Moderators, Translators, and Wiki Staff.

Closers HQ Launch Event with free accounts and NX.

Detailed Patch Note 8/1/2015
01-07-2015, 11:00 AM
Category: Patch Notes
Posted by: enielK - Replies (18)

1. New character 'J' added

  • Character J can be created.
  • J can be leveled up to lv47, Intern rank.
  • In PvP, J Trainee or Intern rank can be chosen.
  • Character creation is expanded by one slot.
  • J skill cubes (Advanced & Expert level) can be purchased.

2. New character 'J' costumes added
  • Costumes available in the Union Store
  • J costumes added to the list of random costume box and costume upgrade for the Emergency Defend League

3. Team work buffs changed
[Image: iFejVUEBUEJKH.png]

4. Character skills and abilities changed
  • Max MP increase per lvl increased to 1.5 times. By lv47, it increases to approximately 1.7 times.
  • Seha's Point Blank Strike (공파탄) & Flame Pulverization (화염 분쇄) changed to Phy/Mag dmg. (Total amount of dmg not changed)
  • Yuri's Yuri Star (유리스타) changed to Phy/Mag dmg. (Total amount of dmg not changed)
  • Seulbi's bits will not vanish when inverted (반전), if 30 bits have been collected.
  • Increase in skill level ALSO increases its skill MP consumption.
  • Emergency Evasion damage reduction WHEN HIT is increased to 60%.
  • Fixed error where Psychic Power Release did not increase finishing move super armour crash by 1 level.
  • Getting hit while using skill and in super armor state do not count to the DEFENCE value.

5. Dungeon settings changed
  • All area's special dungeon private party/master level solo constrain is removed.
  • Upon entry for party play, monster's stamina will reduce about 10% depending on the number of persons.
       :Area3 & Area4 dungeons Normal/Hard/V.hard levels only
  • If it is not possible to enter the Emergency Defense, the details will guide you.
  • Upgrade Dungeon [Cube] restoration of structure will be added.
  • Upgrade Dungeon [Cube] initial load time improved, admission time reduced.
  • Fixed issue of attacks in super armor state not recognised during clear rank hit count.
  • In party state, technic score calculation will be based on personal score rather than party member's combined average. In case of party members not participating, he will not obtain technic score.

6. Monster settings changed
  • Upgrade Dungeon [Cube] modified to display enemy stats and skill damage.
        :Trainee/Intern - Enemy's HP decreases by 10%, Atk power decreases by 20%
        :Boss that appears as official agent Lee Seha's HP increases by 10%, damage decreases by about 60%
  • Upgrade Dungeon [Cube] After School Labyrinth's enemy J skills will be changed.
  • Mananapon series monsters will not be affected by the [Grip] type skills.
  • Generally, when monster's HP is reduced to 70%, 30%, monster's super armor state is released.

7. Some quest changes
  • Labyrinth quest acceptance criteria changed to lv37, Midnight Grand Park (V.Hard) must be cleared.
  • [Special]Turret Defense League quest acceptance criteria changed to lv45, Dragon Palace (V. Hard) must be cleared.
  • Some Quest Event monster stats are reduced.
        :Area2 - Ash & Dust
        :Area3 - Creaturelead Blaster, Empress Cocoon, Nata
        :Area4 - Kim Ki Tae, Dragon Blaster, Anduras, Astaroth, Obelisk
  • Notification will be displayed when all main quest of the region is completed.
  • Some hit limit quests' hit counts are modified.
    [Image: iY5twKBEbAdG0.png]

8. Some item changes
  • Hit count will be reset if resurrection capsule is used to be revived.
  • Quantity of 'common phase fiber' reduced for disassembling costumes obtained from dungeons. Costumes purchased from Union Store remains as usual.
  • 1star weapon costume producted using boss material will be removed from costume upgrade list.
        :Malek, Kalbach Tux, Skull Queen, Creaturelead Blaster, Cocoon Empress, Giant, Astaroth

9. Dimension Battle (PvP) changes
  • PvP party chat becomes available during match.
  • Changed some character skill's super armor crash (SAC) level.
        :OA Seha's Finishing Move Incinerating Storm Burst Blade SAC changed to lv1
        :Trainee Seulbi's Finishing Move Bus Bombing SAC changed to lv1
        :Kalbach Tux's Finishing Move Boundary Thunderbolt SAC changed to lv1.
        :Maximus' full charged Blow Away! SAC changed to lv1.
  • Revenge Shield's effect 'Damage reflection +15' removed. Added unique effect: Revenge Thorns - Enemies who hits during the 3secs will have 15 dmg reflected back. (can be accumulated up to 5 times)
  • Can switch to the view of friendly buildings even if the party is not wiped out.

10. Other changes
  • Claim mails not received by recipient will be bounced back after one hour.
  • Flame effect in nearby dungeon backgrounds of G Tower Rooftop is removed.
  • Advanced equipment & 3stars Costume enhance success city central message output rule changed.
  • After using skill self-training contract rights, credit deduction notice will be modified to not appear at the time of skill initialization.
  • Allow search for any item types in the Black Market without needing to select a category.
  • In party play, other player's damage and striking effects will be changed to be translucent.
  • Additional errors will be corrected.

Special thanks to Eternal Dream for skill names.

Original Link:

J's Promotional Trailer
01-07-2015, 03:25 AM
Category: Official Media
Posted by: Yuri - Replies (12)

CloserS HQ Twitter!
01-06-2015, 11:54 PM
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Our CloserS HQ Twitter opened!
Be sure to follow for feed updates!

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