7/28 - Tina Official Crew : Full Patch Notes
07-28-2016, 03:50 PM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

1.Character update detail
  ➤ Tina Updates
     - Tina Official Crew added
     - Cap increased to 62
     - Airport and Plane Gate unlocked
  ➤ Tina Skill Changes
   1) General dungeon (PvE) changes
[Image: 9658e58ea5.png]

  2) Union Arena (PvP) changes
[Image: 69b1add720.png]
  3) Skill Balance Changes
[Image: afbb4fda84.png]

 ➤ Tina Official Crew Skills
     1) Tina OC Skills
  2) Tina OC Skill Cubes
Please check our wiki for full details on all OC Skills.

  ➤ Voice added to Tina.
    - Tina Skill voice added
    - Character voice added to Tutorial and GGV quest.
2. Dungeons relevant update details
  ➤ Plane Gate Boss modifications
    - A slight delay has been added to the deadly attack from Nightmare Astaroth
    - Nightmare Astaroth SA in Phase 9 and 10 increased from 3 to 4.
    - R-1 Boss SA in Phase 9 and 10 lowered from 6 to 4.
3. Costumes relevant update details
  ➤ Tina OC, Pirate costume added.
  ➤ Down attack option removed from everything. Tunings changed to Chase.
4. Quest relevant update details
  ➤ Summer Event dungeon quest
  ➤ Tina Quests added
  ➤ The account warehouses opening quest will be deleted.
    - From now on, the account warehouse can be used from the beginning.
  ➤ Tina now appears during The Black Lambs Team Quest in International Airport.
5. Union Arena, the relevant update details
  ➤ -'Union Arena melee mode added.
    - Melee = 3v3 PvP
6. Dungeon Updates
➤ Summer Event Goodies
  - TL;DR : Spam it for tons of free junk. Will pick between "Day" and "Night" version at random. Gives different stuff during the day than during the night.
  ➤All Lamb's Keeper Bridge bosses will drop [Precise Circuit Board] with 100% chance.
   (Except Easy and Training Program)
  ➤ Misc changes related to OC, Tina gear, chase/air balancing on some gear pieces etc.
  ➤ Fixed Tina level up box.
    - Tina Level-up rewards fixed and given to players who opened it already
13. Other update details
  ➤ The login screen was changed.
  ➤ Graphic Option 'Anti-aliasing' feature has been added.

Summer Event 2016
07-27-2016, 09:07 AM
Category: Events
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[Image: GCjTzOW.gif]
[Image: zmZhFnJ.jpg]


Summary of the situation with the voice actress change with Tina.
07-19-2016, 11:52 AM
Category: News & Updates
Posted by: Kanra - Replies (2)

This is a summary of the current situation with voice actress swap for Tina.

If you have been in Discord, you heard about this. So you don't need to read it.

If you weren't, be aware that this is a social issue that has somehow melded with Closers. If you don't want to involve yourself with such problems, please don't open the spoiler.


7/21 Teaser - New Character
07-07-2016, 11:45 AM
Category: News & Updates
Posted by: EternalDream - Replies (15)

[Image: 2fac9fc1b8.png]

Note : We do not know her affiliation. Probably wolfdogs, but she doesnt have the classic Wolfdog's choker, so it's wait and see~

6/30 SA Seulbi Release Full Patch Notes
07-06-2016, 05:06 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

1. Seulbi third promotion-related update details
   ▶ Seulbi skill changes
     - New skills have been added and some skills have been changed. Check below for more information.

[Image: a661969744.png]

   ▶ Seulbi-related changes
     - Fixed Seulbi's loading image during PvP matches, and changed the loading image to be the third promotion image.
     - Satellite Fall / Psychic Satellite / Railgun / Space Compression / Wormhole Generation voice-acting has been added.
   ▶ New Finishing Move Subway Strike for Seulbi's 3rd Promotion is not available at the Union Arena.

2. Character-related update details
  ▶ Seo Yu-ri character changes
    - Yuri Spiral: Allowed additional input from ground/air to be used 0.2 seconds faster.
                      (Dungeons / Union Arena all applicable)
    - Yuri Special: Fixed a rare issue where master cube effect did not activate.
    - Yuri Special: Re-adjusted aerial range, so it can hit enemies below you more easily.
3. Union Arena-related update details
▶ J character changes
  - From now on you will be able to use skills without consuming HP.
    - Fixed an issue where invincibility time from [Body Massage] did not work properly.
    - Fixed an issue where Finishing Move Healthy Morning Exercise's attack hitbox did not work properly.
  ▶ Seo Yuri character changes
    - Union Arena [Yuri Spiral] - Fixed a problem where the additional hit of skill did not hit.
4. Achievements-related update details
  ▶ Seulbi 3rd Job Promotion-related achievement has been added
    - Seulbi can attain achievements during the third promotion.
  ▶ Steampunk Costume-related achievement added
    - A steampunk costume-related achievement has been added.
  ▶ Removal of old event titles.
    - Changed all no longer accessible event titles to be completely invisible.
    - Can still wear already acquired titles.
  ▶ Special Operations Area achievement modified
    - Special Operations Area achievement contents have been modified.
    - [Solo] clear has been changed to [Party] clear.
5. Costume relevant update details
  ▶ Added "Steam Punk" Costume.
  ▶ Added Special Agent Seulbi Costume:
    - Special Agent Seulbi Costume consists of one-piece / hair / armband parts and accessories.
  ▶ Seulbi Black Lambs jacket has been modified.
    - Fixed issue with Cry-emote while wearing Black Lambs outfit
  ▶ Seo Yuri Gentle Spring Breeze shoes modified.
6. Monster relevant update details
  ▶ Monsters in Gangnam GGV. (Old) Guro Station, Shingang Highschool, G Tower Rooftop, and International Airport have their Attack and HP slightly increased
7. Dungeon relevant update details
  ▶ Add Special Agent Promotion Dungeon
    - [Advancement Training Program : Vites], [Advancement Training Program : Mephisto], [Advancement Training Program : Final Trial] added.
  ▶ Nightmare World : Abyss entry level was changed to 67. (Previously 70)
8. Item-related update details
  ▶ Added 3rd Promotion Equipment.
      ∙ 3rd Job Shield item that can be acquired upon completion of promotion quest has been added.
  ▶ 99 per missing item re-packaging the number of modifications
    - The item number of possible re-packaging of some items Fixed an issue that did not apply to 99 circuits.
    - The corresponding items are as follows:
      ∙ air superiority Wand / air superiority of the blunt / air superiority whips / personnel to rectify the sword / agents ssanggeom probation / probation agents Wand /
        The concentration camp guard ring / guard dog collar / no-doll eyes
9. Union Store-related update details
  ▶ Items in the Union Store have been modified.
    - Adult package of Mini-Seulbi added.
    - Harpy costumes have been added.
    - Various Packages have ended.
10. Quest relevant update details
  ▶ 3rd Job Promotion Quest
    - The quests related to Seulbi's Special Agent have been added.
      Official Agent Seulbi over level 67 can accept the quest.
    - When you complete the quest, you will receive the promotion emote.
  ▶ Tiamat Operations Center quest changes
    - Required number of quest completions for [White / Black Crystals] has been reduced from 10 to 3.
    - Level limit of this quest has been reduced to 67. (Previously 70)
  ▶ The first quest preceding Plane Gate region is removed.
  ▶ Official Agent quest rewards have been changed.
    - The existing timed 1-Star Costumes for Official Agents (all members) have been changed to 3-Star Costumes.
  ▶ The initial quests preceding International Airport Area have been removed.
11. Event-related update details
  ▶ Special Agent Event
    - Special Agent Seulbi event lasts from Thursday, June 30th to July 14th.
    - When you create a Seulbi during the event you will receive one Seulbi Rapid Growth Box per Nexon ID.
    - During the event, if you clear a dungeon with Seulbi that consumes more than 10 Stamina:
      [Special Agent Commission - Seulbi] will be dropped.
  ▶ Weekend Login Event
    - When connected during the weekend during the event, receive rewards once per Nexon ID.
      Login / 30 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes / 120 minutes (Cumulative)
▶New user, returning user event re-added
  - New user and returning user event from Thursday, June 30th until Thursday, July 21st.
      ※ New Closer: New accounts created after Thursday, June 30th.
                      Upon initial login, receive [New Closer Summer Welcome Box] once per Nexon ID.
      ※ Returning Closer: Account has not been online since Wednesday, June 1st at 8:00 a.m.
                      Upon login, the first character will receive [Early Returning Closer Summer Welcome Box] once per Nexon ID.
    - For the first cumulative day when returning to Closers, you will be given up to 5 items while online.
    - Can receive rewards for 6:30 cumulative login time, 3 Red Light and Blue Light tokens will be given out during the event.
  ▶ Additional Coin costume exchange event
    - Exchange coins costume event lasts from Thursday, June 30th until July 21st.
    - You will receive one coin after 30 minutes (cumulative) while online during the event. (Two on weekends)
    - You can create a permanent costume using a these coins!

  ▶ Rapid Growth! Here comes the storm! Buff Added
    - The special boost event since Thursday, May 30th will continue until Thursday, July 7th.
    - An additional 100% EXP Buff will apply every day during the event.
    - Buff will be added to existing boost.
  ▶ Special Agent Outfit - To celebrate Special Agent Seulbi's release, 1-Star Costume Package [No Duration] can be crafted.
    - Only Seulbi's at Level 67 and above can participate, from Thursday, June 30th to August 25th.
    - While running Special Agent Promotion dungeons during the event, you will receive [Promotional Memory Stick].
    - After getting the materials, it can be crafted once per character at the Tiamat Operations Center crafting machine.
    - Promotional Memory Stick, SA Outfit Crafting Option will be removed on Thursday, September 8th at 8AM (KST).
12. Crafting-related update details
  ▶ Mabinogi Duel event tab has been removed.
  ▶ [PC room stuff]
  ▶ Arena Point list has been updated.
13. Help-related update details
  ▶ EX Skill details have been added to the Help menu.
14. Costume-related update details
  ▶ Steam Punk costume added.
    - Steam Punk, a new costume, has been added.
    - Existing gacha Costumes are removed.
15. Pet-related update details
   New Mini-Pet ▶ Seulbi
    - The mini pet "Seulbi" has been added.
16. Emote-related update details
  ▶ Fixed an issue where Seulbi's knives wouldn't appear during pirate emote.
  ▶ Fixed a strange animation issue with Face (Nose) part during the pirate emote.
  ▶ Fixed an issue where you could an ally with the pirate cannon emote in a dungeon.
17. Black Market update details
  ▶ Combination Part category has been added to the black market.
18. Other update details
  ▶ Login screen has been changed.
  ▶ Character Creation Window UI has changed.
    - A new second button has been added so characters have 2 videos each.
    - A character-specific special agent introduction video has been added.
    - Characters other than Seulbi will play a short video with the phrase 'DATA NOT READY'.
  ▶ Fixed an issue where the Circle room was cutting off edges.
 ▶ Fixed an issue with moving to the character selection screen.


Seulbi SA Events & Summer Events
06-30-2016, 06:47 PM
Category: Events
Posted by: Person - Replies (15)

[Image: GCjTzOW.gif]
[Image: epM4uGV.jpg]

[Image: wgDvTTm.jpg]
6/30~7/07: +100% exp bonus.
7/07~7/14: +1 additional dungeon entry.


Special Agent: Seulbi
06-29-2016, 07:03 PM
Category: Official Media
Posted by: Lee - Replies (5)

Special Agent seulbi login screen has been uploaded #HypeTrain

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