3/17's Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
03-16-2016, 05:21 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]
Update Schedule:

March 17th 2016 (Thursday) 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (7 hours) [KST]


1. Bug fix:

 - Seha's skill bug fix.

 - Levia's skill bug fix.

 - J's skill bug fix.

 - Union name tag(?) item correction.

 - Chip interface unlock quest bug fix.(If canceled, you aren't able to get it again]


White Day Event
03-12-2016, 07:17 AM
Category: Events
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[Image: GCjTzOW.gif]
[Image: W9zm3vb.jpg]


03/10 Full Maintenance Patch Notes
03-10-2016, 02:13 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


1. PVP Updates

▶ UNION Arena Balance Changes

1) Stat Conversion has been adjusted.

 - Movement Speed is limited to 20%.

 - Attack Speed is limited to 15%.

 - Physical and Magical Defense and Additional P. M. Defense Conversion Rate will be decreased to 20%.

2) Seha's Balance will be adjusted.

 - When using P.F. Blade, hit radius will no longer increase.

 - Pulse Cannon will no longer pull in enemies.


2. Character Updates

1) Phase Release

 - All character's Phase Gauge charge time has been adjusted to be faster.

 - All characters now heal 30% of max MP on activation of Phase Release.

 - On Phase Release, all characters will have added benefits.

  -> Seha : When activating Phase Release, Seha gains [Phase Release: Bursting Blade] buff, and Total Physical Attack will increase. This buff increases with skill level.

  -> Seulbi : When activating Phase Release, Seulbi gains [Phase Release: Focus Mind] buff, increasing Magic D. Pen and Magic Crit Damage. This buff increases with skill level.

  -> Yuri : When activating Phase Release, Yuri gains [Phase Release: Refined Edge] buff, increasing P./M. Defense Pen + P./M. Critical Damage. This buff increases with skill level.

  ->  J : When activating Phase Release, J gains [Phase Release: Wolf's Spirit] buff, increasing P. Defense Pen. and Physical Crit. Damage. This buff increases with skill level.

 -> Misteltein : When activating Phase Release, Misteltein gains [Phase Release: Magical Spear] buff, increasing Total Magical Attack. This buff increases with skill level.

 -> Nata : When activating Phase Release, Nata gains [Phase Release: Lunatic Explosion] buff, increasing B.A. Crit Rate + B.A. Crit Damage. This buff increases with skill level. Person, be salty.

  -> Levia : Same as before.

  -> Harpy : When activating Phase Release, Harpy gains [Phase Release: Outrageous Technique] buff, increasing Physical Pen. And Aerial Crit. Damage. This buff increases with skill level.

2) Seha Balance Adjustment

 - All of Seha's percentages have been turned Physical.

 - Focused Strike can now be used in the air.

 - Seha's percentages have been increased for PVE.

(Check Source for Table of Percentages)

  : FM: Bursting Blade : Percentages have turned all Physical.

  : Pulse Cannon : Likewise, it will deal True Damage from the passive.

  : Shockwave : Likewise.

  : P.F. Blade : Buff is gained right after cast. Charge Speed has been increased.

- OA Finishing Move [Bursting Blade: Incineration] Changes

: It no longer is affected by Attack Speed and casts faster.

: Few attacks now have hitstun during the Finishing Move.

   : All Physical.

- Some of Seha's Master Skill Cube effects have been changed.

: Pulse Cannon : When using on Skill Chain 3 or +, damage will increase by 8%.

   : FM3: Phys. Crit. Rate 20% + Phys Crit Damage 10% + Aerial Crit Damage 10%

3) Yuri Balance Adjustment

 - Shift can now be used in the air.

  : When using in the air, it will forcibly land you to the ground and give you temporary invulnerability.

 - Lightning Fast! now attacks differently and you can now damage the enemies easier.

 - Some of the Master Cube Effects for skills have been changed.
     -FM1 : Phys/Mag Defense Pen 15% + Phys/Mag Crit Rate 20%
     -FM2 : Phys/Mag Defense Pen 20% + Phys/Mag Crit Rate 10%
     -Suppressive Fire: Aerial Crit Rate 50% + Aerial Defense Pen 30%
     -Zone Control : When used on Skill Chain 3 or +, damage is increased by 10%
     -Lightning Fast!: Phys/Mag Defense Pen 15% + Phys/Mag Crit Rate 30%

- Yuri Star now attacks enemies better than before.

- Suppressive Fire has been revamped.

: You can now use Suppressive Fire by holding on to the skill key. It is now also usable in air.

- Zone Control has been revamped.

: Skill's duration has been decreased.

- Yuri FM3 has been changed.

: Damage difference between the charges have been changed.

  You can now deal very high damage with full charge. Also, the little flat damage has been removed.

     Advance effects have been changed.

    -> No longer induces Bleeding damage.

    -> FM3 damage will be increased.

     Master effects have been changed.

    -> Crit Rate will increase.

- Passive: Balance Sense has been changed.

: Passive : Battle Sense

 -> Description : Damage and Crit Damage's Physical/Magical Rate will interchange with each other.

               Physical Damage and Physical Crit Damage's 30% will add onto Magical Damage and Magical Crit Damage,

               and Magical Damage and Magical Crit Damage's 30% will add onto Physical Damage and Physical Crit Damage.

 -> High stats earned from Tuning only making things worse for Yuri by ruining balance has been fixed through this change.

 - Planned Additional Changes

  : Unique Options in Yuri's equipments being 70% of other character's Unique Options will be fixed.

4) J changes

 - Germanium Power is now usable in air.

 - Vitamin Combination's Skill Description has been changed.

 - Anion Punch's hitbox radius has been adjusted.

 - FM2's CD decreasing more than it was intended was fixed. It decreases down to 30 seconds now.

5) Levia Balance Adjustment

- Some of Levia's skills have been adjusted.
     -Horn Gouge: Additional Strike now activates faster, and FX has been changed.
     -Designated Sacrifice: Additional Strike now activates faster.
     -Serpent Swarm: Movement speed increased during cast, can now move in y-axis.
     -Tormenting Light: CD reduced to 19 seconds.
     -Serpent's Waltz: CD reduced to 18 seconds, skill duration decreased, spends Phase Gauge, Restand, and buff on each hit that stacks to 4 times that increase Attack Speed and Magical Crit Damage added.

- Other Errors Fix

  : Summon Familiar : CD being reduced more than intended has been fixed.

  : Designated Sacrifice : Same as above.

▶ Character Skill Changes (Note: They still deal the same damage! They just hit less now.)
 - Magnesium Strike now only hits upto 3 times.

 - J's FM2's Extension now only hits upto 3 times.

 - J's FM3's Fail Catch sequence now hits less with 7 hits.

 - Misteltein's FM1 now hits less in the air.

 - Levia's FM3 now only hits upto 9 times.

 - Levia's Hell's Trap hits upto 3 times.

 - Seha's Sky Slash now hits upto 5 times.

 - Levia's FM1 now only hits upto 10 times.

 - Levia's Designated Sacrifice now hits upto 3 times.

▶ Restanding(Both PVE / PVP)

 - The characters that weren't able to get 0.5 seconds of invulnerability after standing up from downed state now properly gets them.

 - Target Character: Seha / Yuri / Tein / J / Levia

▶ PNA and Tube's Total Hybrid Damage Option not working properly has been fixed.

▶ Yuri bugfix

 - Invulnerability continuing when there is no key input during Yuri Spiral was fixed.

3. Enhance Adapters Added

▶ New item system [Enhance Adapter] has been added.

1) New system can be accessed through EX Area's Poe.

Enhance System Summary:

1. New Enhance "Slots" you can unlock.
2. Slots can be unlocked with credits. On the 3rd slot, there is 75% success rate on opening the slot.
3. Core has up to 3 slots, Module 2, and Shield with 1.
4. Slot "Type" will be given on unlocking them. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, and Platinum.
5. No two types can emerge in the same equipment.
6. You can change the slots with RNG. Just like tuning. Great.
7. These slots are filled with Adapter Chips. When these chips go in the slot, you cannot switch the types.
8. There are Normal, Rare, and Platinum grade Adapter Chips.
9. Normal has the color variance of Red~Black, which fits on one of the slots that has the corresponding color.
10. Rare, AKA Dual Chips, have two colors on them. If either one of them fits the color of the slot, then you can equip them there.
11. Platinum Chips have either Amplify or Buff attributes. Amplify increases your stats like the Normal and Rare except higher, while Buff gives you a buff with certain rate to activate.
12. You can remove or add chips using Poe in Tiamat Area.

5) Warning

- If you upgrade into higher tier, the chips on the lower tier doesn't transfer over. (Common sense)

▶ "Chip Inventory" for the Adapter System has been added.

1) This inventory can be used after you finish a quest from Doyeun Jung in EX Area.


▶ You can gain chips from clearing EX Area dungeons.

▶ You can now craft Chip Boxes from EX Area's crafting machine.

▶ When dismantling 3 star costumes, you can get a higher quality chip box.

   [Buff Platinum Chip] can only be gained from dismantling 3 star costumes.

4. Monster Updates

▶ EX Area Bosses continuing to attack after dying has been fixed.

5. Area/Dungeon Updates

▶ Tiamat's Trap activating twice in one area has been fixed.

▶ Tiamat's Trap not activating in the first area has been fixed.

▶ Plane Gate S9~S10 Drop Update

 - When S9 or S10 bosses are defeated, they drop Old Chip Boxes.

▶ EX Area Dungeon Boss Drop Update

- For a very low chance until 03/24, EX Area bosses will drop Platinum Chip Box.

▶ EX Dungeon Rewards/Drop Changes

 - Core/Module/Shield from EX dungeon bosses will have an increased chance of dropping.

 - Final clear rewards will be changed.

 - Reward items have been changed to be more rewarding.

 - Secret Boxes no longer appear from EX dungeons.

▶ Disconnection during collecting reward after clearing EX Dungeon 3 times
has been fixed.

▶ Plane Gate Drop Error

 - 봉인된 심연의 무희 목걸이 not dropping has been fixed.

6. Item Updates

▶ Crafting List Update

 - PC Cafe ****

 - Arena Point Crafting List has been removed, and new crafting list has been added.

 - Adapter Guide Quest Crafting List has been added.

 - White Day Event Craft Accessories have been added.

▶ Evolutional / Complete PNA Item added

 - Attack / Defense / Support separated PNA has been added.

▶ Dimension Conversion items have been added.

- Adapter related items have been added to Dimensional Conversion.

▶ Plane Gate 'Cho' (Max Tier) Set Error Fix

▶ Quality Reset item from Daily Missions not being used properly has been fixed.

▶ Course One Shot +7 not being able to use has been fixed.

7. Costume Updates

▶ New Costumes

 - Event Accessories for White Day have been added.

8. Quest Updates

▶ Black Lamb/Wolfdog Adapter Guide Quest added

 - Quest Req.

: Lv.67, EX Area. Talk to Doyeun Jung(Scientist) to start the quest. Main quest needs to be cleared.

9. Event Updates

▶ White Day Event: Event Details will be posted at a later date.

▶ Adapter Event

1) Login Item

 - From 03/10 ~ 03/17, special Adapter Event Reward Box will be given once per account once a day. This resets on 4AM.

2) Chance Increase Event

 - During the event, Adapter Slot Open Chance will increase to 100% for all stages.

3) Platinum Chip Drop

 - Platinum Chip will drop from EX Dungeon bosses from 03/10 to 03/24 with a small drop rate.

▶ Plane Gate Error Rewards

 - The error where the Necklace drop wasn't dropping will be fixed, and rewards will be given out from 03/10 to 03/24. All Yuri characters above Lv.64 will gain 30 Purple Hexagons.

10. UNION Store Updates

▶ Cash Item Changes

 - Skyward Saint Costume Package has been added to the Permanently Sold tab.

 - Song Euni and Special Police pet Egg Container has been added to the store.

 - Adapter related items have been added to the store.

 - Mini Alraune Egg, Mature Package has been added

 - Song Euni and Special Police Egg, Mature Package has been removed from the store.

 - Skyward Saint + Penguin pet package has been removed from the store.

▶ Pet Cateogory added to UNION Store. 됩니다.

11. Pet Updates

▶ New Pet, Mini Alraune Blossom has been added.

12. Other Updates

▶ Disconnecting when failing to enhance and Not Dismantle-able item dismantling has been fixed.

▶ Many pets appearing in towns have been fixed.

▶ Typo for Circle Re-Creation being shown as 7 days when it was 15 days was fixed.

3/10's Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes
03-08-2016, 09:15 AM
Category: Patch Notes
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[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]

Update Schedule:

March 10, 2016 (Thursday) 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (8 hours) [KST]


1. New system "Enhance Adapter".

2. Character balance.

3. New pet(s).

4. New events.

5. Season 6 PC, old coins removed, new coins available.

6. Song eunee / Officer pet sale will be terminated, penguin will be removed from the warrior costume package.

7. Gear lubricant compensation for people who had bugged ones.

8. Bug fix.


New School Term Event
03-06-2016, 02:57 PM
Category: Events
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[Image: GCjTzOW.gif]
[Image: c89qzfW.jpg]


Independence Day Event
02-28-2016, 04:05 PM
Category: Events
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[Image: GCjTzOW.gif]
[Image: mban_31_160226.jpg]


02/25 Full Maintenance Patch Notes
02-25-2016, 01:40 AM
Category: Patch Notes
Reported by: Kanra - Comments (8)

[Image: 45yeBZQ.gif]


1. Area/Dungeon Updates

 ▶ New Area: Tiamat Operations Center

   - New "Nightmare World" dungeons have been added to the new Tiamat Operations Center

   - "Nightmare World" dungeons can be entered at Lv.67~70

   - Mission Deployment robots are located on the either end of the town area. (Nightmare World: 1st Floor / Nightmare World: 2nd Floor respectively)

   - When entering Nightmare World(NM for short) with a party, there will be benefits like party buff, item drop rate increase, and additional item drop chance.

   - When entering solo, a damage buff will be given to null the difficulty.

   - Although damage buff is decreased in party, the additional item drop chance will increase according to party member counts.

   - When entering NM dungeons with 3+ members, you will have a chance to get an "Adamant" Accessory.

   - Full Party entry will increase the chance of HQ items to the maximum (Costume included)

   - Additional rewards in PC Cafe. Yeah, screw you too.

   - Event items will not drop in these dungeons. (Including UNION Gold Coins)

   - Until 03/10, the daily entry limit will be increased to 9.

 ▶ Plane Gate Revamp

   - Phase 9 and Phase 10 dungeons for Plane Gate has been added.

   - Material costs for True Equipment Sets have been greatly decreased.

   - Balance for True Equipment Sets have been increased.

   - Special Mission Area / Module / Shield / Set crafting requirements have been all cut down by 30%.

   - More materials can be earned on dungeon clear in PG.

   - Normal PG dungeons now drop Stage 3 Equipments(Lv.53 Set Equipments).

   - Non-set Equipment drop rate has been greatly increased.

   - Sealed PG Equipments will no longer drop.

   - The crafting menu now only shows the equipments that fit your character type.

   - Through the materials dropping in Plane Gate, True(Lv.54) Equipment Sets can be crafted. (Lower grade no longer use PG materials)

   - All Random Box has been removed due to difficulty nerfs to crafting.

   - When dismantling PG equipment, there is a chance for material for the new equipment items.

   - Equipment Quality Reset, Tuning Reset Limits on PG equipments have been removed. Specific items for resetting PG item will be added.

   - The rank scores are easier to obtain, allowing for more rewards with easier difficulty.

 ▶ Area 6 Boss Area now only gives Dual Recovery Object.

2. PVP Updates

 ▶ HP gauge not showing after the round ending has been fixed.

3. Character Updates

 ▶ Nata Skill Tooltip Error Fix

   - Nata's Passive tooltip not showing properly has been fixed.

     'Additional Crit Damage on Back Attack 2% -> 'Additional Damage on Back Attack 2%'

 ▶ Nata Skill Error Fix

   - Skin Slayer Master Cube effect not working properly has been fixed.

4. Monster Updates

 ▶ Tiamat Operations Center monsters added.

 ▶ Phase 9, 10 monsters and PG monster changes

   - Phase 9, 10 has been added.

   - Alraune's Burn skill now has an extra delay before taking place.

   - Alraune's Fruit Bomb skill now shows where it will hit.

   - Morax's Black Hole pattern hitbox has been changed, and new way to get through Morax has been added/

   - Morax's Hide skill has been removed, and new skill was added to take its place.

 ▶ Area 6 Monster changes

   - Teleport skills for Mirage type enemies in Area 6 has been removed. (Bosses remain the same)

   - Invincibility on Golem Genocider's 2nd Phase has been fixed.

5. Item Updates

 ▶ New Equipment

   - NM Dungeon / New PG Equipment/Sets have been added.

     For the equipment details, refer in-game and read the stats. If stats look unfamiliar, PM them to @Kanra at Discord and I will translate them for you.

 ▶ Plane Gate only Tuning Reset, Quality Reset items

   - Tuning/Quality reset items for PG has been added.

   - Following items can be used to craft the PG Item Resets.

     1) PG Quality Reset = Normal Quality Reset(유니온 기어 윤활제) + PG Materials

2) PG Equalizer(Lv.51~60) = Overclock Equalizer(오버클럭 이퀄라이저) + PG Materials

3) High PG Equalizer(Lv.61~70) = Highclock Equalizer(하이클럭 이퀄라이저) + PG Materials

▶ Receiver Option Stats Added

 - Options Stats have been added for Receivers.
[Image: 8f6e7079a2a694a55f2503499e3c39b1.png]

*Refer to this table translation in stats.

 ▶ New Pet Skill Items

   - Pet Skill Items are now sold in General Shops. (Foxtail / Foxtail [Awakened])

   - Circle Vending Machine now has new potions and pet items on sale.

 ▶ Official Costume Package [3-day] now includes Harpy's OC costume.

6. Costume Updates

 ▶ New Costumes

   - New Costume type, "Adamant" has been added.

   - Phase 9 / Phase 10 set accessories have been added.

   - Nurse / Patient Costume A/B/C types have been added.

   - New Semester Event Accessory has been added.

 ▶ Costume Upgrade Tooltip Added

   - 2 star -> 3 star upgrades that change the costume's color will have a notice regarding the chance when upgrading.

7. Quest Updates

 ▶ Black Lambs/Wolfdog 'Tiamat Operations Center' Area quests added

 ▶ All Rampant Cubes Quests will now be unable to be completed or be taken.

8. Event Updates

 ▶ 3.1 Event

   - 3.1 Event will take place from 02/27 to 03/02.

   - On every 30 minutes until 180 minutes from the initial login will yield in reward items that will be given once per account.

   - All unused items will be removed on 04/14, 8AM.

 ▶ New Semester Attendance Event

   - New Semester Event will take place from 03/02 to 03/17.

   - On every 33 minutes since initial login, reward box will be given once per Nexon ID.

   - On 03/03 to 03/17, dungeons that take 10 or more stamina will yield in "New Semester Lucky Ticket".

   - They can be used to enter a raffle on an Web Event.

   - These can be used in the crafting machine to craft an event accessory.

   - Event materials will be removed on 03/24.

 ▶ Rampant Cube Removed

   - You can no longer enter Rampant Cube.

   - All items will be craftable until 03/03.

9. UNION Store Updates

 ▶ Cash Shop Update

   - New Cash Shop merchandise have been added.

   - Male: Runaway Patient 2* - A/B/C type Premium Package

   - Female: White Angel 2*- A/B/C type Premium Package

   - These packages will be sold until 03/24.

10. Pet Updates

 ▶ An additional Awakened stage has been added for cash pets.

   - Edgar, Allen, Poe, Song Euni, and Special Police now has an Awakened stage.

   - You can advance to Awakened stage on Lv.50 of your pet.

   - When pet awakens, some skills will be changed and base stats will increase.

   - Skills that have equal percentages with the non-Awakened state will deal more damage due to stats increase.

 ▶ Pet Skill Items

   - Non-Awakened pets will use "Foxtail" when using skills.

   - Awakened pets will use "Foxtail (Awakened)".

   - They can be bought by General Shop NPCs,and they can also be crafted.


11. Achievements/Titles Update

 ▶ New Achievements

   - NM Dungeon Achievements have been added.

   - These achievements will be displayed on the mission deployment robot when choosing missions.

   - These achievements regularly reset, allowing players to claim new reward items.

   - The reset timer will be noticed later during the update.

12. Other Updates

 ▶ Costume Merge Guide Pop-up can be closed with an ESC key.

 ▶ When Party Member quits during the loading screen, the monster spawns not working properly was fixed.

▶ Special Police NPCs not showing as intended in missions has been fixed.


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